What Do Teachers Say

Annie Platt, Social Studies Teacher, from US
"It is so exciting to see the transformation that takes place in students as they are invited into the exploration of the big questions of philosophy and history. It is my pleasure to watch students, who at first lacked confidence to say anything, begin to express their thoughts and opinions in class discussions."

McKenzie Evans, English Language Arts Teacher, from US
"I became a teacher because I wanted to work with students during a time when they form their identity. I want to work with students as they become critical thinkers, and reflect on who they are as well as what they can contribute to the world. The world is broken in many ways, but it is also beautiful. I want to prepare students to survive in the brokenness of the world, and to thrive in its beauty. In my mind, there is no better way to do this than through literature. "

Ryan Jeffers, Director of Student Services, from US
"Teaching is the most difficult yet most rewarding job in the world. The students are a blank canvas on which I, as a teacher, have the privilege of painting. To see first-hand the growth of future world changers is why I do what I do."

Peter Thompson, Math Teacher, from US
"I am very grateful to be able to teach at YIA. I love teaching because I love getting to see that "Aha!" moment when a concept or idea becomes clear to students. And for me getting to teach in China is an extra treat because I spent some of my childhood here."